How to Participate

All Participants for #IndiaAgainstRoadCrash will be asked to assemble at a pre-decided place for each location, under the guidance of a coordinator associated with the central team of #IARC2020.

  • All Participants will get Caps, Yellow Ribbons, CodeOfConduct sticker/badges having Road Safety Messages & Instructions.

  • The Sub-Coordinators will be given Campaign Banners, Placards with Road Safety Messages, CodeOfConduct Flyer/Pledge Flyer & Safety Pledge Banner.

  • Head of the Location will initiate the campaign by giving a brief message on #BeTheChange and #JabHumBadlengeToDeshBadlega

  • The location coordinator will then proceed to explain the campaign to all participants.

A Short Walkathon for #IARC2020 named #1CroreSteps

  • Participants will walk around the assembly area in a disciplined manner for 500 meters or more, before coming back to the starting point.

  • Sub-coordinators will help participants to chant the following slogans: "Sadak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha", "Drive Smart, Drive Safe", "India Against, Road Crash"

  • Sub Coordinators & Coordinator will take a small video clip and photo and donate this collective walk as Road Safety Walk Donation on www.1croresteps.com

Human Chain formation for #1CroreHaathSaathSaath

  • As soon as everyone reaches the assembly place, the Road Safety Anthem will be played for all.

  • A Human Chain will be formed in either of the shapes: 'Continuous unbroken Round Circular chain or rectangular/square chain', 'Zig Zag Chain', 'Continuous expanding parallel circles'

  • 1 Minute Silence will then be observed in the memory of Millions of Indians who died in Road Crashes.

  • Sub Coordinators & Coordinator will take a small video clip and photo of this activity and upload it along with the location name on www.1crorehaath.com

Introduction to #DriveSafeClub & it's coordinators for #IARC2020

  • After the Human Chain Campaign is concluded, the location coordinator will introduce the 6 Point Code of Conduct to Participants.

  • The Pledging ceremony will then be conducted in the local language.

  • Head of the Location will encourage Participants to be the Agent of Change and spread awareness to their Friends, Families & Neighbours through #DriveSafeClubs . Recognition & Rewards policy will also be announced:

  • For following Code of Conduct

  • Exceptional service to Road Safety

  • For improvement in Driving Score

  • For being an example as Good Samaritan helping Crash Victims

Concluding the Drive #IARC2020

The campaign will be closed by thanking everyone for their participation and support. Pledge Banners will be opened for participants to write any road safety messages and sign on them. Drive Safe Cut-outs will be spread around for participants to take selfies and share on social media. This would help spread the word even further.