Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

The 6 Step Code of Conduct enlists the mandatory precautions one must take while on roads. It is an essential step to ensure the safety of Indian road users including drivers of all vehicles, cyclists as well as pedestrians. Take charge to restore the safety of Indian Roads because you can #BringTheChange only if you #BeTheChange.
Do you agree to abide by the 6 essential road safety Code of Conduct?

  • Use of Safety Devices (Seat Belts, Helmets and Child Restraints)

  • No Driving Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • No Distracted Driving (Restrictions on Usage of Mobile Phones)

  • Adhere to Speed Limits. Do Not Overspeed

  • Use of Safer Vehicles (Driver and Vehicle both fit to drive)

  • Ensuring Right of Way (Eg. Giving priority to Pedestrians and Cyclists)

I Pledge to follow code of conduct

   I Agree